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Adaptogens, Miracle plant, or myth? Part 4 – The top five most researched adaptogens

The concept of adaptogens and their role in modulating stress, fatigue and mood in humans cannot be completely dismissed. But we are far from making substantial and/or definitive claims about their effectiveness.

The Magic Plate: The 5-Day Double your energy challenge

We have all had those days when we can’t seem to get through the day because we are just feeling low mentally, physically, and emotionally. Did you know that your mood/emotions correlate with your blood sugar levels? If you’ve ever been HANGRY you know exactly what I mean. One solution is to modulate/balance your blood …

Create a Morning Routine: 5-Day Challenge

So, why start a morning routine? At the very basic level, it will help you to overcome habitual procrastination, be a healthier person, increase your productivity, and set you up for success each day. The way you start your morning sets the pace for the rest of your day, week, month, and year, and consequently, …