Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

As a habit change health, wellness, & life coach, and I empower people to develop the necessary steps to upgrade their health, well-being, and lifestyle. But I also believe in learning by doing. That’s why I created a wellness challenge group.Every month, I would be hosting a new health and wellness challenge for you to participate in, so join us, participate in an awesome challenge and find your untapped potential.We are living in an information era and a shortage of information is not the problem, taking action is. That’s what is group is for…taking that first step.

Stop. reThink. reEvaluate rePosition. reSet (S.T.E.P.S) tribe.

This is a group for anyone that needs to take a moment to just Stop… and reThink the state of affairs in their health, wellness, well-being, and life. Then reEvaluate your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Redesign those goals, and rePosition yourself so you can push the reSet button.

Past Challenges